Monday, June 14, 2010

Farewells and So-Longs, Not Goodbyes

Betwixt and between all the packing up after 20 years of living in Long Island City, there were opportunities to see friends and family in small or teeny groups. Can't seem to control my eyes from filling up or from waterworks, that's just the way I'm wired emotionally (like a hair trigger.)  So, there was never gonna be a big goodbye bash. That part of me seems to surprise those who view me as strong and self sufficient. Jig's up! I'm an armor-plated marshmallow.

Aside from dinners and lunches with friends and former colleagues, one of my last weekends in NY was for family. Mine's not too terribly large...tho we have a contingent in Australia, and some sprinkled around NY, CT, CA, WA and FL. I saw cousins Jim and John and Chris (the uber packer!) and we all had some great laughs over nachos and beers at The 'Shoe in Southport Village. Stayed at Chris' then I jammed back down to LI to see my Dad and sibs at Tim's BBQ. Everyone's on an even keel, and it was just nice to visit. Spent my final night at Dad's BFF Dianne's place, and when we said goodbye the morning of my drive...I said, no crying. Well, we sniffled, so I said, don't look at me! We looked away and did that nervous laugh/wave it off thing. It's a big move, no doubt, and Dianne and I are very close. I acknowledge that I will be missed, it's been nice to hear, and it's very very touching! I will stay in touch with everyone--there's the phone, e-mail, my blog, and I'll be back at Christmastime!

Good'joomer truck in Westport
Southport village

Bye for now, Northeast!

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