Monday, June 14, 2010

Too Particular? I Think Not.

Sandy laughed and laughed when I told her that I was packing a small box of cutlery and kitchen gadgets to use at the short term hotel that I was staying in while looking for a house. She said "those places haaaave cutlery." I told her that my brother Dan had already asked me, "What kind of silverware do those places have? You should bring your own spork!" Sandy said we were BOTH crazy. We are not crazy, we are clean and particular. Other people are crazy! Ever look inside a teapot? Who knows what a knife was used for or if someone shaved with a vegetable peeler? Or, heaven forbid, used it to diminish a corn. And I don't mean the vegetable...

Well, after breaking up my 11 hour drive and having a WONDERFUL and restful weekend stay with my friend Deirdre in Richmond, VA, I headed to a corporate suites hotel. It looked alright on the internet..and I got a great rate.  Since the parking lot is not monitored, I had to unpack the entire car---inside and what was strapped to the roof.

I lasted 2 nights and that's only because it took me an extra day to find another place. I had to buy a raspberry scented candle at Bi-Lo to mask the odor of cooking oil, and I presented a list of grossness to the manager. On that list were "sticky remote" and "pet hair on sofa." I will spare you the rest. I was given a full refund, packed the entire freeking car again and headed out.

They have a 'free breakfast', but I preferred to eat my own cereal out of a plastic cup that I'd packed. Eat and run, literally!

My realtor had nothing to do with that first place (my mistake), and she helped with a fast turnaround, a 3 month lease at an apt complex near the city...a better home base for me. I spent 2 nights in the guest suite here while my apt was readied. I'm in a gated community, 2 pools, gym, 900 sq ft one-bedroom. The movers brought rented furniture in, hooked up a washer/dryer, unwrapped brand NEW bedding and shower curtain, and loaded up the kitchen with new plates, bowls, pots, pans and utensils that came out of original boxes.

The moving guy made a frog out of kitchen towels and potholders. Peppermint patty eyes and a teabag for a tongue ;-)

Not 'my taste' but super clean and serviceable!

I will still use some of my kitchen stuff...but I am feeling way more comfortable here! I'm within a mile of my mailbox and my realtor. I'm fi-nal-ly unpacked, plugged in and able to concentrate on my househunting.

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  1. So glad to finally "discover" your blog. I had no idea you were writing it all these months! You actually started yours around the same time I started mine last year. I didn't read every archived entry, but at least half. Good stuff! Thanks, as always, for your friendship & hospitality to me in LIC. It looks like we have both found our respective new home cities -- unfortunately they are on opposite sides of the country! Oh well; here's too happy house hunting and making every day a good one.