Saturday, June 26, 2010

Matthews Farmer's Market, The Loooong Way

I woke up at 6:30 today, with a full list of stuff to get done...all timed to beat the noonday heat. It's 97 today in Charlotte, above 90 degrees for the 14th day.  I had a canvas bag for the farmer's market, a few golf clubs, golf shoes and a glove for the driving range, dry cleaning, my camera, stamped mail, some water bottles, sunglasses, my cell phone, etc...

Got into the car with all the ephemera, stuck the key in and..NOTHING. Dead battery. Not even a whirr. Ooops, I saw the lights were on, and had been since yesterday morning. 24 hours is enough to drain a battery 100%. 

It was my turn today---earlier this week my sister in NY locked her keys in the car (no spare...) and my cousin in CT was at Home Depot with a pile of stuff and realized she left her wallet home. What gives?

It was not worth getting ticked off, or even muttering a curse. Totally my fault. No need for an attitude.

Called roadside assistance, and went thru all the questions--assuring the operator that I didn't need medical attention and that I was indeed safe. I'd made it 20 feet from my front door and I'm in a gated community! The "Pop-a-Lock" guy was here within 15 minutes, saw my NY plates and said "Welcome to Charlotte!" I had to smile.  He used a portable battery booster...the car started right up. Gotta get me one of them...(a portable booster, not a pop-a-lock guy.) Not that it happens often, but there'd be no need to call for help, or wave someone down, or pop 2 hoods and have cables all over the place. He said it was fine to head out, just keep the car running for 30-40 minutes.

I drove down to Matthews, NC...about 15 minutes away. Parked where a running car would not be annoying and I definitely kept it going with a few revs for a good 40 minutes. My Saturday got a late start...and some stuff was already sold out at the farmer's market...but I got some great herbs, fresh goat cheese, tomatoes and stuff for the week. Not much to Matthews...just a little one-light town with super friendly farmers! Leave your worries and your New York behind.

The hardware store is so old fashioned. Gold pans?!

Heirloom seeds


  1. Now there you go, being an independent woman prepared for any emergency - buying a portable battery starter! Sounds like a fabulous addition to The Woman Who Owns Every Imaginable Tool's collection.

  2. MyNextLife--Funny that you commented on the one aspect that gave me pause as I was writing. I'm trying to let go of that wonder woman aspect of my life. I gave away a load of tools when I moved...because I want to leave that whole "I can handle it" thing behind. I won't need a hammer drill and a circular saw in Chapter 2. I think I don't like feeling stranded...even though help was only 15 minutes away. I'll peek at battery boosters at the auto supply but might hold off... Chapter 2 is gonna be interesting ;-)

  3. If you had your own battery booster, you never would have met the friendly "Pop-A-Lock-Guy!" It's all part of your adventure, Dale - - and we LOVE living vicariously through you!