Monday, May 31, 2010

I Need A Little Help From My Friends

The movers are coming Tuesday, June 1. That's one full day/night from now. I didn't have a whole heck of a lot of time to pack up the house, between keeping the house 'staged' for showings, and having the buyers come through a few times to measure, then bring in an architect, contractor and painter. I have had 2 weeks to pack up 6 rooms + lawn and garden stuff. Myself.

I made an initial trip to Home Depot for boxes and bubble wrap. I can only fit so much in the car. I've since made 3 more trips for boxes, a cool plastic wrapper thing, and a tape dispenser. These trips for moving stuff add up, so I got lots of tape and markers at the 99 cent store.

It wasn't long before I had to step outside of the retail box, and get some major bubble wrap. Found it online at  Call customer service, rather than ordering online, because they will help demystify bubble size, perforated or non, the # of bundles, etc... Get your order in by 6pm and UPS delivers the next day. Sweeeeet!

Now THAT's bubble wrap!

I was making a teensy dent, but I wasn't able to focus on just one task or one room at a time. I'm not very good at asking for help, and that came back to bite me. I'm a very 'capable' woman, a do-it-herself-er....but at home alone, facing the deconstruction of 20 years of living..I needed HELP!

My friend Jill offered a few hours of her time, so I pointed her toward the bookcase, and she filled a bunch of boxes. Her friend Hugh helped me out by taking a sleeper sofa, club chair and ottoman off my hands---it's too oversized, and I didn't want to transport it. He and his 2 pals took out the den window and they were quicker than the Grinch working his way through Whoville!

Jill asked again and I happily accepted another offer for help! She packed all the lamps, down to the harps and finials, and all the lawn ornaments.

Jill! So bubbly!

Ok to be fair, here is a waaay better picture of Jill!

I got lifesaving calls, for 2-day packing stints. Will work for food and ice water! I was and am rocked by this showing of generosity. One call was from my friend and former housemate Kelly, who is on a short break from business school, and one was from my cousin Chris. Kelly ripped right into the bubblewrap and packed over 50 framed pieces. I am surrounded by smart, insightful women. Chris and Kelly are both extraordinarily busy women, and I am beyond grateful for their help! Check out Kelly's site,



Chris and I attacked the kitchen, and we were zooming right along. I taped and filled boxes, she wrapped. We were talking and laughing. Great team! La dee dah!

Then, I just froze. I was immobile.

I was looking at the cabinets, and it suddenly seemed so overwhelming, as if it could never possibly get done. I walked out of the kitchen and went upstairs. It hit me like a ton of bricks--tears were streaming and I just sobbed. I'm not wonder woman after all.

Moving is an emotional journey. There's a lot of history here in this house--lots of good and some not so good. I'm really ready to go. The good stuff is right around the corner, but this part is hard. Harder than I thought it would be. I went back down to Chris, and boy am I lucky to have a cousin who's a life coach with 20+ years of counseling experience. Take a peek at her street cred:  I cried a little more and Chris was a calming force. She told me that we have to look for small victories---one box and one cabinet at a time. 8 hours later, the kitchen was 95% empty--we filled nearly 30 boxes. This morning we emptied the bar (no drinking!) wrapping glasses and accoutrements. Joan my realtor pitched in, too, in between all her showings and open houses and closings. I have to say...with all their help, I am now over the hump and I'm picking up speed. The house is very close to being packed. I'll use every hour of the one day that I have left. There are odd sized pieces to wrap, and tools and garden stuff to box up. Chef Faye's coming by to raid my baking cabinet. Gotta pay it forward!

I treasure those who are close to me. My friend Sue called and knowing that I was short on time, came over from Manhattan with wonderful salads, fruit and a big cookie. We had lunch down on the waterfront, and caught up on the last few months. Having Jill, Chris, Kelly and Joan reach out to help me was a welcome surprise. I've been very guarded, private, handling things on my own. Maybe that's part of surviving solo in New York. Never met a guy who's had my back. I hope that my new life down south will coax the softer side of Dale to come out. I'm ready.

Thunderstorms are in the forecast for moving day...and there are about 100 cardboard boxes.

Not waterproof.

But let's not go there.

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