Sunday, July 8, 2012

Stayin' Cool in the Hot Summer

The U.S. is blazing hot this summer, with temps topping 100 up the East Coast as well as down South, and wildfires are raging out West. I moved my herbs to the shady side of the yard last year, and even so, the basil is gasping. Glad I made pesto during the plants aren't good for much more than a caprese salad at this point. Everyone's out early in the morning on weekends to get in some exercise and errands and I for one am retreating indoors for the sultry afternoons. No golf for me.

What's a girl to drink? I mean, to do? I drove over the state line to do some errands and stopped into Southern Spirits in Indian Land where bottles are a few dollars cheaper and Martha the wine manager usually has a story to tell. It's a quirky place, with a tropical ice vendor on one side of the parking lot, and Palmetto Produce on the other side. Between those guys and "Red's BBQ" truck at the gas station, you can get a lot done in two stops.

I got 2 bottles of prosecco, and Martha asked if I wanted to try something. It was after wine o'clock, so why not?

She brought out a bottle of "New Age," an Argentinian wine that's a blend of 10% Sauvignon Blanc and 90% Torrontes. It's produced by Bodega Valentin Bianchi, one of Argentina's oldest wineries. Torrontes is the only white grape indigenous to Argentina.
The portrait is on the inside of the back label. It looks like Brooke Shields or Cindy Crawford.
Martha poured some wine, added some ice and she directed me to squeeze a wedge of lime into the glass. It's a spritzer without the spritz. The drink is called a "Tincho" which is the 3rd generation winery owner's nickname. The wine is slightly effervescent, fruity, floral and dry...not as sweet as Moscato. Try it with a lemon or orange wedge, or use it for sangria. This wine would equally complement seafood or Asian dishes, or cheese 'n crax.

It's the "hottest" drink in Argentinan clubs. Well, it has been since 2009...but it takes awhile for trends to make it to the Carolinas.

My taste of Tincho was refreshing...but is best saved for a summer evening. I'm not a good daytime drinker..and in this heat, I'd be headed for a nap if I had a full glass!

When the temps plunge back to the normal mid 80's next week, my neighbors will be out and about, and it'll be time for a porch party. I'll be making the Tincho's!
Sunsets are lovely, as viewed from the rockers

A good place to set a spell.

And remember....

Life is good. Level & Plumb.

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