Monday, July 9, 2012

Saturday Farmer's Market

Are you getting tired of my veggie and food photos? I hope not. I used to have more DIY blogposts, but now I'm in a 10 yr old home, not a 135 yr old home. I'm thrilled to have redirected my energies to things I like to do, rather than to things I have to fix.

Each time I go to the market, I learn something new. Saturday's trip was to the Yorkmont Market near the airport. It's a mix of veggies, baked goods, organic meat, eggs, crafty stuff, the hot brat and kettle corn guys and horticulture vendors. I can get gorgeous fresh flowers for $10 a bunch and I get to sample local food. Most tastes are yummy and prompt me to buy, and other times they turn me away. Case in point, I tried a sliver of a Union County cantaloupe and I knew it was bland before getting it home and being disappointed. I wanted it to be so much better! (On that note..I've been much happier with Trader Joe's sweet Tuscan cantaloupes than with supermarket and sadly, with many local melons. They are just so tasteless. )
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But, I digress!!

Here are some pix from Saturday morning's outing with Juli and Lisa. I shop the stalls that fly the NC Farmer flag. The flag distinguishes local farmers from the bigger distributors there. McBee SC peaches, Union County tomatoes, garlic and corn...all so good!

$22.00 worth and a free copy of  the inaugural issue of "edible Charlotte"

French Filet Beans, or Purple Haricots Vert!
Something I've never seen...

...a purple bean with an inside that's green.

...and the purple disappeared as I grilled them!

Garlic grown in Union County

Tony the garlic farmer, separating, peeling and snipping the stems.


"Like lollipops!" Tony suggests roasting the bulbs, then hold each by the stem and spread the garlic onto toasted crostini. He gave me a bunch gratis (!) to try. I'll do that this week!

Dinner. Grilled haricots vert, grilled corn with my homemade pesto, grilled pork with fennel seeds.

A trip to the farmer's market is a great way to kick off the weekend. I usually wander off to snap pix, but we all meet up and it's fun to see what we've all bought and to chat about what we learned.

Life is good. Level & Plumb!

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