Monday, July 23, 2012

Fruit Skewers Redux

Friends were in town a few Saturdays ago on a househunting visit. The Northeast is emptying out! They were only able to come by from 3-5pm. It was a blazing hot day, and I was grateful for my cenchral-aigh  (central air) conditioning. I made a pitcher of lemonade, set out some cold bottled water and I made some fruit skewers in case anyone was peckish after lunch and before dinner.

Leftovers. Hmmm.

Perfect for the grill! Remove the wooden skewers, so they don't burn. (If you want to grill food on wooden skewers, they're best when soaked for 30 mins....)
I added some peach quarters to the melon and raspberries and drizzled the fruit with a bit of concentrated white balsamic vingear.


The raspberries cooked down and made a little 'sauce' when I tossed the grilled fruit. Mmmm.

Top the fruit with goat, feta or queso cheese, some mint from the garden, and serve. I grilled a marinated beef tip.

Redux: brought back; used post-positively.

Life is Good. Level & Plumb.

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