Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas in New York

Turns out, it's possible to outgrow a city, even one called the "Greatest City in the World." A New Yorker probably named it that, but it wasn't me. There are many great things about New York City and many great people within it and the surrounding boroughs and towns--my friends and family among them.

I had to laugh at the sign at the base of the Verazzano Bridge, bidding travelers farewell..."Leaving Brooklyn. Fugeddaboudit!" The city does have a sense of humor about itself.

I had a wonderful time visiting with friends and family, exchanging stories and gifts over brunch, lunch, dinner or drinks. After riding crowded subways, getting jostled with no apologies, breathing other people's cigarette smoke, being delayed by a snowstorm and catching a cold, though, it felt good to return to North Carolina. I've gone soft!

North Carolina's piney byways...a relaxing drive.

Navigating Brooklyn traffic before rush hour

There are so many ways to photograph a place. A city can be romantic, gritty, surreal, etc... Here are some scenes I captured while in New York, across the board.

Park Avenue
It's a good idea to lock up your bike, so it's still standing when you return. Note the ubiquitous "Greek Diner" cawfee cup. And shredded documents.
Christmas trees in a dumpster, Dec 22nd. Harsh!

Ok, that is NOT a cute, fuzzy Christmas mouse!

Hustle and Bustle
Skaters at Rockefeller Center
Gold flags snapping in the wind, Rockefeller Plaza

"Meet me at the Information Booth at Grand Central!"
Holiday trim, Long Island City

While on Long Island, a blizzard came through and unfortunately we had to cancel some family plans. I did get to spend time with my sibs, though.

There's something magical about a quiet, fluffy snow day!

My sis shoveling out.

My new car survives it's first snowstorm.

A strong wind up-ended a manger and flung a Wise Man. "Yo, over here!"

New York, a helluva town and a nice place to visit...

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