Friday, January 14, 2011


I made up two words the other day! Me-hab, short for Mehabilitation. I Googled both and nada, no results. I now claim these new words. Me-hab is for Me. Defined, it's broader than meditation, and not as much of an overhaul as rehabilitation. One must self-diagnose sufficient physical and mental tiredness, to consider this track.

I'm entering Me-hab.

No press release is going out, and there's been no intervention. I'm not a danger to myself or others. I'm not coming off drugs (!) rather I'm turning off the centrifuge.

For me, New Year's resolutions are ripe for failure. There's too much pressure. I overpromise myself and I under-deliver, every single year. If I can't start myself on whatever regimen on Thursday Oct 12th, Tuesday March 2nd or Monday May 5th...what the heck is going to make January 1st a magical day? So, I don't make resolutions. I peck away at projects until they are finished.

January is a good time for renewal, though, and so I will begin me-hab tomorrow, January 15th.
I had one crazy 2010 and as you, my readers know, I moved from my native New York to North Carolina. Not a big deal, right? Well, it was for me! I have friends who are Army brats, or who's jobs or whatevers have taken them across the country and back for awhile or forever, or to live in a foreign country. In 49 years, I've only moved from Long Island to NYC back to Long Island then to Long Island City---a whopping 30 miles. I'm not very transient, having lived in my last house for 21 years, so the move was a momentous one for me! I'll continue to fling myself around on my travels, but I expect to be based in NC for quite awhile.

In the space of 9 months I took a hard look at my life, weighed my options, decided to move---in some direction, purged, painted, staged and sold my house, moved 600 miles, found a new place, moved in, got it 99% squared away, then spent almost 3 weeks in France, followed by 2 weeks in NY for the holidays, then got over a massive cold for the next 2 weeks, and here I mid-January. Spinning. I gotta be, I gotta do, I gotta see, I gotta get...

What will I do during my me-hab? Unplug! Quiet down. Work on the last 1%. Me-hab will take place at home and near to home. There's no hard "end" date, but it feels like it'll be a few months.

I'm dipping a toe into my jobhunt, doing research on 'what's next for work.' I'll be getting very introspective in that regard. I want to find a good place to land, present the best version of me, and to be rewarded for what I bring to the table. I will get my taxes compiled and mailed off, walk or ride my bike every day for at least 30 mins, breathe this gorgeous clean air, finish the little projects on my list, read the books that I've piled up, and see friends when it works, here and there--very low key. No trips for awhile.

My cousin Chris and I used to invoke "the 1 mile rule" (suburban--for her) and the "3 block rule" (urban--for me.) It was a shut-down that usually lasted a day or two, in bad weather. Cozy up, relax, keep it close, map out plans. Get caught up. Mehabilitation is an expanded version of the 1 mile/3 block rule.

Post-holiday. Pre-Spring. Recharge. Me-charge! Me-hab.

Life is good. Level & Plumb!


  1. I love it! Me-hab! I'm totally gonna steal this...well, maybe not steal it. I'll give you credit when I use it. Invoke your "one mile rule," now that you're in the suburbs, and enjoy the rest and unwinding.

  2. Love it, Dale! I did some meditation this morning for the first time in a loooong time - and I'll take your post as a sign that "it's time" for a little "mehab."

    Thanks, friend.

  3. Dale I will be going through some rehab and then some mehab, having some pelvic surgery on the 31st and I'll be out of it for about 6 weeks. 2010 was a tough one for me, health-wise and I am ready to take on 2011 head on and healthy.

  4. Joan--I hope all goes well with your surgery!! Rest up, get better and don't try to do too much in your down time. Me-hab after the rebab, Doctor's orders!