Sunday, January 9, 2011

Out With the New, In With the Old

I'm 99% unpacked. It's been an interesting process...purging again as I find things that aren't a fit for my new space, and finding new uses for some things that were going unused, displayed on a shelf or stashed in a drawer.

I've blogged previously about Victorian watch fobs and old medals that I love to wear on necklaces.

I have a few boxes stacked up in the garage, and I have to get through them soon because I'm looking for a silver sporting trophy that I like to use as a flower vase. It was a gift from a good friend and it's meaningful.

I came across my silver baby cup. It's got a pretty curved handle and I must have been an (adorably, I hope) demanding child, because the bottom is all dented from repeated banging.

I shined it up and I'm using it to hold Q-Tips. Drinking from it would be weird. It's a piece of my history--being put back to use after nearly 50 years. Tempus fugit.

The Tiffany candy dish (above right) was a mid 80's gift from my Aunt Kate, who passed away last year. I never used it for candy, but for odds and ends, change, subway tokens, buttons and stuff, on a bedside table. Now it's a soapdish--it's the perfect shape and size.

I can't remember where I got this ashtray. I never smoked, but I love, love, love the irreverance.

This is the backside (literally) of the ashtray...

...and this is the front.


                                                 I use it as a spoonrest and it just makes me laugh.

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