Friday, December 17, 2010

What Christmas Means To Me

This is my take on it.

Christmas, which is not a universal holiday, means something different to many people, and there are celebrations, seasonal figures like Father Christmas, St. Nick and Santa Claus and traditions that have evolved over centuries. The word literally means Christ's Mass and on December 25th, Christians commemorate what is believed to be the day that Jesus was born, 9 months after Annunication, or Incarnation (immaculate conception.) It also marks the start of the Winter Solstice.  There are decorations, songs, symbols like elves, evergreen trees, lights, ornaments, colors like red, silver, green, white, gold, special foods, carrots and oats for reindeer, NORAD's Santa Tracker, and the exchange of gifts and cards. Snow seems more magical on Christmas Eve or Day. The holiday spans a season that lasts 6-8 weeks and is a time for families and friends to reconnect, for work to wrap up, and for relaxing and reflecting. It can be a marvelous celebration-- a baby's first, an engagement, a wedding or a sad time when a loved one passes away, or if there's a fire or an accident.

It's become a massive retail event. It's an important push for the economy, but it can take attention away from the true meaning.
I try to avoid the hype and I get pretty tired of all the ads and come ons.

Last Chance, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas Spectacular, Today Only, Shop Now, Free Shipping Ends at Midnight, Last Minute Gifts and 25% off for Procrastinators.  The day after Christmas we're clobbered again, and somebody's gonna get trampled running to the Doorbusters, Drastic Reductions, and Final Clearance. Wait a few days; there's always a New Year's sale.

I bought a few little gifties, framed some of my photographs and made berry jam and apple butter this year, and will be baking the usual pies for my family.

Testing by the Quality Control Dept. (me)

From my heart.

The Christmas holiday for me is about practicing my faith my way, and visiting with friends and family. I remember who's birthday it is, I reflect upon my year, my accomplishments and my generosity, whether it was for a cause or of spirit. A good balance. Level and plumb.

Thanks for reading my posts this year! Safe travels and Merry Christmas.

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