Friday, July 30, 2010

Git 'er Done!

I've blogged about the painting projects that I undertook in my old (literally old) house. Over 20 years, I painted and repainted every room, ceiling, closet and door, front steps and walk as well as the interior and exterior of the extension out back. I used loads of caulking and quarts of spackling compound to fill in moulding gaps and wall imperfections.

In Chapter Two, I'm having the interior of my new home painted, by other people! I got a recommendation for Bob Furr Painting and Wallpapering from a local couple undertaking a massive renovation of a large scale craftsman bungalow. No glops, neat edges, smooth walls, good coverage---my kind of painter.

I've got 7 rooms, 2.5 bathrooms, a hallway, laundry room, stairwell and some closets. Like a scene out of Mission Impossible, 2 vans pulled up and 10 white-clad painters swooped into the house like a S.W.A.T. team. I stood back and said "Yay, I so deserve this" under my minty breath. They covered the floors, wrapped the lighting fixtures, fixed nail pops, filled in picture holes, pulled out old mollies, patched and spackled the extraneous outlets, and painted the trim and ceilings. A great day's work! They're pros---their clothes were as clean when they left, as they were when they arrived. Dang.

My bedroom's tray (trey?) ceiling, master bath, office, guest room and powder room are being wallpapered. I haven't decorated with wallpaper since the late 80's. I labored over books at Sherwin Williams. I jotted down what info I could decipher, took pix with my phone, ordered a few samples, and did online research by cobbling together book names, collections, colorways, pattern #'s or page #'s...and found that I could save $10-$12 per roll, by ordering on the internet. Sorry Sherwin. I was initially hesitant to buy online--but my friend Joan in Brooklyn suggested it, so I resurrected my notes and I called ahead before ordering. I felt comfortable that I'd get what I was ordering. I used   My man Martin told me the # of rolls to order, once I gave him the roll width, length, repeat and whether a pattern was a straight match or has a drop. Wallpaperstogo orders direct from the manufacturer, and I had the rolls delivered within 3 days!

Here's a peek at the master bath. It's quite a sanctuary---garden tub, 2 sinks, separate enclosed shower and a water closet. Swanky! This pattern is a major departure for me. I never thought I'd choose flowers and insects...but I fell for the colors, and the movement in the pattern.  I love the way it transformed the room-- from blah to spa!
Master Bath... Before



Gary's been hanging paper since 1979...look closely to see the perfect matching on the switchplates. Can't wait to see the rest of the rooms done!


  1. Gawjiss!!! Can't wait to see the full before & after "house tour!"

  2. Hey looks so good! If you want to add oomph add some molding around the mirrors in the bathroom to give more of a custom look...have you ever seen that done over mirrors like that? you can do white or if you want match the brown in the vanity. I'm liking contrasting mouldings in certain places lately :)