Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The To-Do List Became the Ta-Dahhh List!

Punch List.
To-Do List.
Honey-Dew List.
Things To Do.
Shopping List.

To "do" taken as a verb means to "do" something, and that's probably why we make lists of what needs to be done.

Actually though, when hyphenated, "to-do" is a noun. It is defined as agitation, bother, commotion, hassle, hoopla,  etc...   When you think about it, getting through the brouhaha of endless to-do lists brings about the opposite of the noun "to-do." The dictionary states two antonyms: peace and rest.  The verb chases the noun, and you come full circle.

I'm feeling full circle-y this week. The to-do's for this particular space in time are all done.

I even cleaned the crumb tray in the toaster.

I've listed my house for sale, the showings are going well, appts are being set for this weekend's open houses. Going from room to room, all my fix ups and to-do's have been completed. The place is shiny and ripe for a buyer. New paint, dings repaired, bathroom re-grouted, yard mulched, closets purged, clothes and shoes donated, files shredded, cabinets organized, etc...   Done. Done. And done.

Ongoing tasks are pretty simple...water the yard, sweep out front, and keep the house neat.

New lists to come when the next phase presents itself. Packing, moving to North Carolina, house and job hunting, etc...   On the flip side of errand-y lists, I hope I'm too young for a "bucket list." Maybe I'll come up with 50 things I want to do before turning 50.

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