Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Technical Writing

A 3-shelf cabinet with glass doors that I ordered back in November '09 finally arrived today, April 12th. It's going into my office for now, and will be probably be pressed into service in a bathroom or the kitchen once I move. 

The box weighed 75 lbs, so I brought the parts upstairs a few at a time. There was more packing than there were pieces!

The cabinet was made in China, and the parts and bags of screws were labeled for the most part. I intuited what they meant by "feets" and "feamel magnets." 

Some helpful hints:

"When the glass door assemble, please do not run into the glass by hand."

"If the glass is dirtied, you can use cleanser purge of glass."

They suggest that two people work together. I was able to balance everything by myself, wade through a 13 page manual and git 'er done in 2 hours.




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