Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ok One More To-Do and Now It's Ta-Dahhh!

As of yesterday, the to-do list had been all taken care of.

I was out front on this sunny Saturday, thinking about all that I've done to the house over the years. Roof, chimney caps, windows, lintels, window boxes, repointed the brick, new doors, stained glass in the transom, mailbox, house #'s, had the lion gargoyle embedded. And that's just the front! Every bit of the facade has been improved in some way.

I took a pic of the front of the house, with the new street tree in bloom. I almost made it inside, then...

...I thought that the gray paint on the front walk and steps down looked grubby. Everything else is primped and prepped...Open House-ready. That tired gray paint was nagging at me. the touch up stash I went...

Gave the stairs a good sweep, painted the risers first, then the edges and painted my way back up to the sidewalk. I've got the system down!


I taped up a "wet paint" sign to keep toddler feet, puppy paws and shopping cart and luggage wheels dry, then I painted my way backwards, into the house. 

It's 5:00pm, and I have til 7 before friends come over for drinks and dinner. Should be dry by then!

Ta-dahhh ;-)

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  1. Wow!!! Dale that looks amazing, great job.
    You're invited over and you can have unlimited access to my power washer, too!