Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Divine Intervention

When my next door neighbor Gina was selling what was her childhood home in 2001, she told me that she'd buried a statue of St. Joseph, upside down, in her yard. She said it was good luck for real estate transactions. I'd never heard of that custom! When my new neighbors purged some of the stuff Gina left behind, I adopted the nativity set. Joseph was indeed missing, and I guess he's still out back, somewhere, upside down. Poor guy.

I mentioned it casually to my realtor, Joan, a few weeks ago, and today she stopped by with a present for me.
Neatly packaged for home sales!

There are detailed instructions inside. The pamphlet asks that the user "displace the current quick-fix magic of burying the statue, with the age-old miracle of asking and believing."
"Faith can move mountains...and homes!"

They do suggest that after the petition is granted, and if the seller realizes a bit more from the sale than expected...why not consider sharing a portion of the good fortune?  Either a tax deductible gift sent to "Rev. Father Director" of the Pious Union of St. Joseph...or a gift to a nearby homeless help someone who has neither a home to sell, nor one in which to live.

I kind of like the kit as-is, it's kitschy. And I don't want to bury Joseph! I'll let you know how we do.

May 10, 2010 update: Listed the house mid-March and 57 days later signed the contract. 82 days from listing to closing.
St. Mojoe!

Joan with her "kablam, kapow"  window signs.


  1. I gotta tell you, I get at least a dozen phone calls for these St. Joseph items every single week at the shop. I tell them to pray a rosary instead...and ask St. Christopher to find them a great Realtor!

  2. That's 50 calls a month, 600 per year. If I were in business, I'd stock 'em!