Thursday, May 13, 2010


It's almost official! The sales contract for my home is signed and the closing is scheduled for June 4th. I'm excited, ready to pack, and am very much looking forward to this next chapter--moving from Long Island City, Queens NY to Charlotte, North Carolina.

I'm leaving Queens County, NY for the Queen City, Charlotte.

Queens County, NY was established in 1683 and is named for the Queen consort, Catherine of Braganza. Born in 1638, she was a Portuguese princess who married King Charles II of England.

Charlotte, North Carolina is in Mecklenburg County, named for Queen Charlotte Sophia. She was born in 1764 and hailed from Mecklenberg-Strelitz, in Northeast Germany. It's said that she introduced the Christmas tree (a German tradition) to England. She was married to Mad King George and she had 16 children, two of whom went on to become kings. Her granddaughter was Queen Victoria.

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