Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Good Junk

I bought a convex mirror twenty years ago for $45.00 in a Yonkers junk shop. It's kind of Colonial and tavern-y, which isn't my style per se, but it's eclectic and mixes in well. I am quite sure that I didn't stumble upon an antique American or Regency giltwood mirror (like the one pictured below) so I have had no reservations when spray painting it over the years, first gold and today, matte silver.

This one's only $8,500.00!

My junk shop find has been moved over the years from the den to the living room to my bedroom, and will rest now all glimmery in my home office, which has brushed nickel and silver accessories.

I'd gotten some extra paint last week for office touch ups but the color has changed pretty noticeably in 10 years, and the touch ups look really obvious. Must repaint! As we know, that is no problemo for Dale-e-o. I've chosen a deep red, which will make the white cabinets, ceiling and window trim pop, and will coordinate with the existing gray carpet and desktop. That project, entitled "The Cloffice" is now complete!

Here's the mirror's makeover.
It took longer to pry the top off the spray paint can than it did to do the job! Just cover the mirror with a paper towel and be sure to mask the edge with painter's tape. Spray outside, on some old newspapers, preferably on the dead lawn, so you don't welcome Spring with spray paint on your patio or driveway.




New home!

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  1. Nice job. Tavern-y still works in 2010. And, good tip on the dead lawn. I'm still looking at reminders from old jobs in the driveway.