Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dressing up a Dresser

I picked up a small-scale, 4-drawer wooden dresser in the mid 80's for $10 at a tag sale. It was in "ok" condition, nothing great. (Hello...$10!) It's actually a great size for socks...one drawer each for solid, patterned, casual and golf socks. I'm kinda organized...

Instead of ditching it a few years ago when I renovated my master bedroom, I decided to see what would happen if I spray painted it gold and glued some fabric on, wrong side facing out, and added some trim. If it looked really bad, I would just put it out in the garbage.

It's definitely on the shabby chic end of the spectrum, but I like the way the fleur de lis repeats in the mirror's motif.

I picked up some fabric and trim, and I had the craft glue and gold spray paint on hand. Probably spent $25 on the entire re-do. Note to self: it could do with new drawer pulls.

I was purging magazines (House Beautiful, not sure what year) and came across the photo (below) of a Pierre Deux commode with La Fete toile...for $1295.00

I'm not comparing pommes to pommes...but I'm not sure I like that one any better. I'd give wallpapering a dresser a go, before dropping over $1200.00, though. Sacre bleu!

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