Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Color Blind

Is a color "in" or "out" in a given year or particular season? Of course there are trends, but if it's available at the paint store, or if they can mix a custom color for you, then I believe that any color you want is "in."  I'm not really color blind, I'm just blind to trends.

I paint whatever color appeals to me, and it seems from what I'm reading, that all of my rooms are unwittingly spot-on for trendiness. According to House Beautiful magazine in October 2009, "The hottest color for Spring 2010 is high energy yellow." What goes around comes around! I choose color over brand as it relates to distance from home to store, though I know there are strong arguments for Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams, and against big box store brands like Glidden and Behr. Home Depot is 1 mile away and I can load up my car. Millions of people can't be that wrong!

I painted my kitchen Glidden "Del Sol" back in 2001, because I wanted it to be bright and sunny after having closed off a wall with a window that looked out onto the neighbor's chain link fence. It's a happy room!

Oops, I guess I forgot how much yellow I had going on around the house when I chose Behr "Glorious Gold" for the half bath! I matched the yellow in the sink that I'd brought back from Mexico in 2008. I was just drawn to the color.

The guest room (2002) is Behr "Vanilla" and the yellow tone looks deeper or lighter depending upon the time of day.

I repainted the living room a few weeks ago, from a mustard-y yellow that had a greenish tone, to Behr "Orange Glow" (ceiling and trim) + Behr "Warm Cocoon" for the walls. It's brighter and very welcoming! All overhead lighting in my home is on a dimmer, which I keep off or low, as I am a bigger fan of lamplight.

Deep red seems to be a lasting style favorite, and I went that route for my home office, when I repainted just last weekend. I used Glidden "Red Delicious."

I haven't seen periwinkle mentioned lately, but I chose Behr "Cornflower Blue" in 2005 to complement the mid-century mint green tiles in my full bath, because I just liked it! I removed the black toilet and sink--as trendy as they might have been at one point!

 Turns out though, that "black is back" and I am pleased with the black accents I chose because I thought they'd look cool, for the office and guest room window treatments, and master bedroom furniture.

Better Homes & Gardens magazine declared in November 2008 that "Plum is chic, paired with grays, khakis and creams." Well, I guess I was ahead of the pack in 2003 when I pulled a deep plum color from the camel colored sofa's accent pillow, in the khaki and cream colored den, and had a storage ottoman upholstered!

I purchased the ottoman from Ballard Designs for $450.00 in 2003 and the prices have remained relatively unchanged. You can choose from their fabrics, or send in your own, and the upholstery is done at no charge. They'll provide a form and a guide, so you know how much fabric to buy! Here's a link:

Lest you think that I live in a crazy kaleidoscope, for me there is a logical flow, and the transitional hallways are a very tame cream, Behr's "Lunar Light" and "Belvedere Cream." I follow my own style, and I hope you're following yours! I get inspiration from many sources--family, friends, shelter publications, flea markets, department stores, catalogs, street finds, HGTV, etc...  Sure, I love peeking into showrooms at the Design Building, but I'm a DIY'er and a recessionista, and I'm not in line for cashmere draperies or hand laquered walls.

And I'm good with that!


  1. I like how you continued the Mexican theme with the towels in the half-bath!

  2. That was an elusive yellow! Finally found it at IKEA.

  3. Great to see pix of the digs. I especially enjoyed seeing the new sink in the half-bath. What a great idea. Terry T.