Saturday, November 26, 2011

Black Friday

No shopping for me on the day after Thanksgiving! I pick up prezzies throughout the year, and I wrap early in December so I can enjoy going to parties and the run-up to Christmas. I can't imagine cutting a holiday short to line up in the cold to be part of a stampede into a store. That just doesn't add up for me.

Today was spectacular---65 degrees and sunny with "Carolina Blue" skies. I walked a few miles with my neighbor Bonnie this morning, then had some wonderful leftovers for lunch. I took care of some little to-do's like replacing light bulbs, changing the batteries for the alarm, and raking the last of the leaves. My blog has been very light on DIY postings of late, since my house is only 8 years old and there hasn't been much for me to really do to the place. The DIY list was never ending at my circa 1876 rowhouse in NY.

I had a few hours before meeting friends for beers and football, so I took down the autumn wreaths and decor, then faced the last Fall project.

The fencing here in the neighborhood is white vinyl. Would I have chosen it? No. Do I love it? No, but it looks neat and there'll be no rotting wood to replace down the line. The vinyl gets mossy in the shady spots, and it had an overall dul,l grey look. I would bet my fence hasn't been cleaned in years (if ever.) I tested a spot with diluted "outdoor bleach" and it cleaned up very well. There's no way to spot clean---so once I started I had to keep going.
Dull grey spots.

The glam gloves were a housewarming present! Note the bling finger.

Eww, very moldy.



With a little elbow grease, and those fancy gloves, I scrubbed and hosed down about 100' of fencing in under two hours.

I was a "good tired" after my productive day, and was glad to get the job done before the weather turns cold.  I had fun watching football and those beers tasted especially yummy. No shopping mall mayhem for me on December weekends.

Life is good. Level & Plumb.

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