Friday, July 1, 2011

50 x 50

One 50 is out of my control and the other 50 is fully within my control. Part of my "Mehab" self-named mehabilitation plan (which is more deliberate than a New Year's Resolution) is to lose 50 lbs by/near my 50th birthday. I've left the stresses of NYC behind, I'm settled into my new city, I'm focused and it's time to get back to ME.

Great news: I've dumped 35 lbs since February! I'm more than halfway to my goal, and it's in my sights.  50 x 50.

I had to really face myself when the clothes I'd packed on December 17th for my NY Christmas visit, didn't fit by the 25th. What was happening to me? I was exploding. Fat was happening to me and I could finally SEE it. When I returned to NC, I hauled my carcass to the doctor for a full physical. When the cotton exam gown didn't close over all the way, I wanted to cry. Turns out the nurse had given me a child's size. I only felt marginally better with the adult sized gown...but I felt fully humiliated and it was all my fault. I went through all the tests, pokes, peeks and prods and I was pretty embarrassed at my weight. I've been avoiding full physicals for years, instead making sure my teeth, ladyparts (that word makes me laugh out loud!) and foot issues were addressed yearly. So, I did it--got examined head to toe, including the "gooey center."

Thankfully, the tests came back fine aside from one of the cholesterol levels being marginally high. I dodged a bullet healthwise, but it was time to face the hard fact---I gotta lose the weight.

The first thing I had to do was to completely overhaul the way I was eating, and to use SMALLER bowls and plates. Lazy is the key word to describe the way I ate. I'd have 1-2 bowls of cereal with 2% milk and sugar for dinner, which actually added up to 4-6 "servings." I could blow through a sleeve of Fig Newtons pretty fast (great with chocolate milk or red wine!), and I was dipping into chips, yogurt, cheese and all kinds of sugar and carbs. Time to stop the madness!

With my doctor's supervision, I've been on a low carb plan, with no 'white stuff', no sugar, and no alcohol. I take B6 and B12, as well as a chromium vitamin every day to curb the sugar craving. I don't count calories, and I don't have to weigh food. I've tried and failed at every other plan I tried over the years...The Diet Center, NutriSystem, SlimFast, Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig. There was too much weighing, counting, point values, tiny just didn't work for my personality.

The low carb plan is going great! I waited 3 months and now I save up carbs to spend on a few drinks a week. I can eat all kinds of veggies, most fruits, lean meat and fish. My bread craving has been curbed by Food for Life brand "Ezekiel Bread" which is made from sprouts, rather than from flour. Those who know me, know that I'm not a sprouty-health food type...but this bread is phenominal! Sesame and cinnamon raisin are my faves, and it also comes in English muffins and wraps.

Check out for the storefinder.

The second thing I had to do was to stop joining gyms. For me, they're too big and there are too many choices and distractions. I'm not into dancercize-type classes or pilates. My gym in NYC had a bar. C'mon. OK, it's not the gym's fault. It was mine--I had no inner motivation. There was no accountability, and I'd do a half hearted workout then wander out, shower and meet friends for some beers. What IS working for me, is PLAY. I'm active most days for 30 mins to an hour. I'm walking, biking, golfing and the two coolest exercises I'm doing are kickboxing at "9Round" and hoopdancing. 9Round is a 30 minute workout at 9 stations, with a trainer, and I am shocked at how sweaty I get and how great I feel after each visit. 30 minutes---in and out. I love my pink boxing gloves! Hoopdancing is crazy fun---it's adult hula hooping. I'm hoping to put together some smoother moves soon. It takes a while to get the hoop going, but it's a blast, and you can burn over 400 calories an hour. When was the last time you laughed during a workout?

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I have no problem at all with turning 50 this summer. I welcome it. I don't look it, I don't act it, and I just don't care about "the number." If I really do take after my paternal grandmother, then I'm about halfway there...she passed away at 102. In retrospect, my 40's were hard...coming to terms with disappointments re: marriage/mirage, not having children, etc...  For me, turning 50 signals the "Chapter Two" for my life, and I'm living it OUT LOUD. I'm fully on board! Good stuff is happening.


  1. Great fun! No mention of Bo-Jangles! Is 66 too old for a hoola-hoop?

  2. No BoJangles for me! I'd say 66 is the perfect age to try hooping! I can just see you hoopdancing in Gantry Park. Go for it!!