Monday, March 29, 2010

Blog Follower Becomes a Customer!

One of my loyal followers has become a customer! I consulted with her and we ID'd about 10 projects that would be within my scope. It's stuff that just never got done, work was work-y, life was being lived, and the jobs are too random or too small for a handyman you'd hire.

It's the perfect array of 'punch list' projects for Level & Plumb. A fair price was agreed upon for labor, and we both picked up various supplies.

I have confidence in some areas, and big limitations in others---I'm a weekend DIY'er who wings it with a bunch of tools, not a skilled carpenter or electrician. I cut time off my bill if I was stuck on a certain task, ie: I did not charge for the time that I learned on the fly. I'd never last in a union!

I'm making my way through the list. As you'll see it's not rocket surgery. But it still takes time and some know-how!

So far:
  • I've re-caulked the tub, and learned that caulk does expire--so I had to do one wall three times before using new caulk that cured properly.
  • I fixed a shelf inside of an old marble topped chest, and applied shelf paper to the drawers, shelves, and bottom.
  • I installed a battery operated doorbell, and counseled my client re: keeping the "Winchester chime" factory setting, or whether she'd prefer a more dulcet "ding dong" tone. We went with the ding dong. 
  • A radiator had been moved by a plumber a few years ago, and I re-cut and replaced the moulding on either side, caulked and repainted the wall and radiator.
  • I replaced a junky 'brass' doorknob with a brushed silver lever doorhandle. It looks great, but it's vexing me because it's a tad loose. I have to get some advice and tackle that one again to get it right.
  • I sanded and painted 2 chairs and recovered the chair cushions.
Here's that project, step by step:

Iron fabric first!

Have a seat!!

I've had friends compliment what I've done at my own home and who've asked me to consult. We'll see what the future holds--if Level & Plumb morphs into something more. Not sure yet of the balance. Consulting only? Becoming a referral resource? The tricky bit is putting faith in others to complete the work. I don't see myself doing the work!

If I could only figure out how to tighten that doorknob...I'd have some street cred.

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  1. Hi Dale, Thanks for the comment on my blog! I love all your projects that you have done. I looked through some of your older posts. I also like to transform things, paint, etc. and look forward to keeping up with your projects in the future! Have a great day! Carol