Monday, December 21, 2009

Incredibly Inedible

As if they'd put free candy in with consumer electronics, or tuck some into the pockets of your new leather jacket? They didn't. It's not candy.

Keep an eye on toddlers, the elderly, pets and the illiterate on Christmas morning!

 Are you wondering "what if" someone does eat the silica gel?

Manufacturers might consider printing an explanation on the other side of the packet, so people don't panic, run for the ipecac or call the poison hotline!

No need to panic!

Here's the deal. Desiccants such as silica gel absorb moisture, and those levels can vary while a product is being shipped and stored. The packets keep consumer products dry from the factory to a store, and to your home.

If the packet is ingested, the pellets will suck all the moisture from the tongue, cheeks and lips.

It's a safe bet that that sensation alone will be enough to make the person quickly spit it out rather than swallow. The pellets are non toxic, and at most might cause a stomach ache.

I hope you don't have to find this out the hard way!


  1. My cat loves the's not poisonous, but not good for ya if you weigh 8 pounds. Love your posts, dale!! Ingrid

  2. Thanks, Ingrid--I edited the post to include pets!!