Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Behind Closed Doors

I love, love, love my kitchen.

Giving credit where credit is due....props to the ex for transforming the design in 2000 from the 60's brown appliances, and the massive furnace that was in the middle of the room... and well, props to me for painting, decorating and giving the kitchen it's warm spirit and sunny, welcoming demeanor.

Having glass fronted cabinets is a double edged sword. They are mostly great, as I am pretty neat, and I like to see everything in its place. The cookbook cabinet and the one over the stove where the baking stuff is stored are not as pleasing to the eye...so I came up with a cool solution I'd like to share!

I'd bought a few french linen tea towels over the years, but never used them because they seemed 'too nice' for every day. What to do? I cut them to fit behind the glass, and asked my sister to serge the edges so they would not fray. She is a whiz with a sewing machine. I used Aleene's craft glue around the edges, and pressed the napkins in to place. The glue dries clear and the books and baking stuff are hidden behind neat graphics. For about $50 total, the look is very clean and the linen breaks up the continuous line of glass fronted cabinets.

I like the texture of the linen and I had the towels hanging around for years, but you can achieve a tailored look for a lot less than 50 bucks! Use wallpaper (check the sale bin at a paint store) or buy sheets of printed paper (Kate's Paperie, Michael's craft store, etc...)  Cut to fit, run a bead of glue around the edges, press into place from inside, and vwha-lah!! A touch of country, whichever country you choose!

$1.20 in paper from Michael's

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