Sunday, February 5, 2012

Souper Bowl Saturday

Tomorrow night the New York Giants will face off against the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl. Do I care about football? Not really. Will I watch? Yes, but only because my "hometown" team is playing. It's a great excuse for a nationwide party...and supermarket shelves will have been emptied of beer, salsa, guacamole fixin's, ribs, burgers, cheese, chips, and cakes shaped like footballs. I'm going to a party close to home, and I'm bringing dessert. Go, Giants!

Because my friends and I like to zig a bit when everyone else is zagging...four of us had a Souper Bowl dinner tonight. We each made soup, and we had a casual evening sampling and chatting over wine.

Amy set a lovely table!

And she baked an apple pie. Mmmm.

Each place setting had some Valentine's Day chocolates...very sweet!

We had one small serving of 4 mugs and small bowls.

Amy's Red pepper soup---very light and refreshing!

Tammy's southwestern Turkey and white bean was nicely spicy! We cooled the kick with a dollop of sour cream.

Ann's Beef Barley was deelish, and the broth was very light. Kale chips with sea salt on the side.
I made French Onion soup and forgot to take a I'm borrowing this image from the test batch I made earier this week.

We left a little room for Amy's Apple pie and vanilla ice cream.

And we didn't talk at ALL about football.

Life is good, Level & Plumb.

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