Friday, October 22, 2010

Office Closet Storage

I turned a bedroom into my home office and the closet is a great size. 7ft wide, 2 ft deep and 9 ft high. There was one covered-wire shelf running the length...and that left way too much room for stacking boxes badly. I'd never find anything. I don't want to root through teetering boxes or take a year to get my office organized.

I measured, then it was off to Home Depot for some storage ideas. I got 4 Closet Maid stackable units with 7 shelves each for the left side, and also saw some neat cubes by Martha Stewart for the middle. I mixed the colors because neither manufacturer had the other style in the same color. Caramel and espresso go together in the food world, so why not my closet? I also picked up peg board for the right side of the closet. It comes precut 48" x 24". White on one side, brown on the other, so you can decide which color you want to face out. Remember to buy plastic spacers and need the spacers so the pegboard is NOT flush to the wall. You need airspace behind the pegboard to put the hangers in! Hangers and hooks come in many styles--great for holding a few hand tools, craft brushes, spools of ribbon, rolls of tape, etc...

You can attach pegboard to the inside of the door as well, for extra, extra storage. You may need to cut to fit.

Tools you'll need:

Tape measure
Phillips Head screw driver
Drill (only use it for the wall bracket, the rest of the screws are tightened by hand!)

They don't list it, but a hammer is helpful to tap in the screw covers and the "cams" that connect the sides to the shelves!

And don't forget our friend, the level! We strive for the bubble to be centered. Ahh!

Martha thinks of everything. There are coordinating fabric drawers for the cubes---in solids, stripes and polka dots. They're sharp looking and keep the shelves from getting messy.

As far as time...the box says, "Assembles in minutes." Well, that's true, but remember that hours are made up of minutes! Between measuring, laying out the pieces, assembling, screwing in the wall brackets...each unit took about 30 minutes. That's 3 hours total for the pieces that I chose. Things move faster once you get the first one done, or if you are smarter than I am.

The bag of assorted expletives is sold separately.

This is 2 units, stacked. I modified the design in the top unit a tad, by leaving the bottom row open for baskets, rather than having 18 cubby holes.

$300.00. 3 hours, give or take. A place for every thing and every thing in it's place.

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