Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Let Us Spray

I don't have a lot of DIY projects in line, since my house is under 10 years old...and that's a good thing. DIY was a major part of my life in NY. Now I can shift my focus to looking around and living life without tackling repairs and upgrades. To start finding that balance I keep talking about!

Rocking chairs and front porches are pretty popular down South, and of course I wanted rockers since I have a house with a front porch! The weather is cooling after a broiling hot summer, and my porch will be a good place to read and survey all that is mine. Out front, that would be a 27' x 6' strip of sod. I mean that philosophically, life beyond that. The previous owners left me a pretty tricked out porch--it has a Bose speaker and 2 ceiling fans!

There are rocking chairs along the Charlotte Airport concourse, out in front of shops, on the front porches of restaurants and of course at private homes. I started looking for mine and I was surprised to see that they can run to $300 apiece.

I pay readily for things that I want, when I want them. If the situation allows, I haggle with the best of them. But, when I get it in my head that I'm NOT going to spend top dollar, the mission begins. I looked in local stores, I searched online and still...too expensive, or not the style I wanted.

On July 4th I was on my way from golfing to a BBQ in Pineville. It's a "blink and you miss it" kind of town, with one small row of shops on Main Street.

I peeked into the windows of the shops--most were closed for the holiday, then I looked across the street and saw them! I did a double take--are you kidding me?
Two rockers, exactly what I was looking for...and just $49 each. Bingo! I didn't ask for the "best price" because I knew from what I'd seen, that I was getting a great deal.

All they needed was a light sanding and some spray paint. Too many nooks, crannies and slats to paint with a brush. I used spray black paint with a satin finish.

Do yourself a favor and get one of these 'spray handles' to attach to the can. This one from Rust-Oleum was about $5. No more numb index finger!

Each chair took 2 cans of spray paint, by the time I flipped it every which way to get full coverage.

A coupla cushions, and I'm good to go! Lemonade, anyone? 

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